Week 13


Presentation Crit with Diana and guests

How did my final crit go… Let me tell you how I felt before and after. Before very nervous, I’ve done the work nessesery to explain my design but was it well communicated as its an issue with my drawings. And the answer is yes, it is an issue. My feelings after were mixed, yes they liked my design obviously needed development but like always my drawings didnt communicate well. Why I do not know, I research how to draw steel glass window frames and apply it to my section but still doesn’t seem good enough.

My feedback from Diana and guests were VERY helpful, as much as I hate crits I also love them. Gives me a great insight of how to develop my design and drawings for my portfolio. My written feedback sheet from Diana was great, for each section she gave great detail of what to do next.

Well, what’s next… PORTFOLIO HAND-IN!!

Girl screaming hahaaaa


4 responses to “Week 13

  1. Hey! I was wondering Can I use your girl screaming photo for a design I’m doing for a t-shirt? Write back when you get a chance, thanks!! =)


  2. Oh, cool. Well thank you very much. =)


  3. Do you recall the site you found it on perchance??


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